A call for citizen effort to save Indiana History!

Join other citizens in an effort to save Indiana History by becoming a member of the Friends of the Indiana State Archives. The State Archives needs broad citizen support if it is to preserve official documents of state and local government which date back to territorial days.

You can support the preservation, wider use, and sound management of our State Archives. Please join and ask your friends who love Indiana history to join too!

Through enlistment of volunteers and fundraising for special projects, the Friends is helping the Archives reduce processing backlogs and rescue historical papers at risk from the spoilage of time and the environment. These include:

  • Advocating for a new home for the Indiana State Archives.
  • Restoration work on the handwritten 1816 and 1851 State Constitutions, the Governor Oliver P. Morton Civil War Letterpress books, and other historical documents at risk from deterioration and fading ink.
  • Processing and indexing the papers of Indiana’s 20th Century Governors.
  • Preserving historic photographic collections, including rare State Fair movie film.
  • Purchasing conservation supplies and equipment such as a conservation press and the original laptops and printers used in the volunteer program.

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